Staying True to the Book or Not & THAT SCENE…A Look Ahead to Outlander Episode 2×08

This posting captured it so well. The essence of Diana Gabaldon’s work glows warmy in Adaptation

Outlander Online


It truly took me about half way through the first season to start understanding, at least in some part, the adaptation process. I started to be able to see how and why things really couldn’t be exactly like the book. I started to get a grasp on how storytelling for a visual medium had to be different. I started to understand that this was Diana’s story AND Ron’s story and it really couldn’t be any other way. So, it makes sense to me that it has taken me until mid-season in this second go round to deepen my understanding. I saw seeds that were planted by the writers come to fruition in this episode 7. I saw the why of their choices in plot and characterization. I saw the method in their madness, if you will. There was a destination, a place they wanted to take us and they had…

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So, does anyone else have a favorite hometown saying?  This is so Minnesotan  “Oh For Cute!”  and yes, I have caught myself saying it!

Also, “Gonna see da Sox tonite”  takes me back to my  Southside Chicago childhood.

What do you say that makes you think of home?

Just little blurbs here on writing, or the attempts thereof.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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